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Sionfonds Sewing school students in Belle Anse


Our Sewing school in Belle Anse is held at the Centre D’Appui Pedagogiqui primary school. The sewing school grew from the needs of women in the area to find  employment.  In Bell Anse men are farmers and fishermen and women  have little opportunity to generate income.

Founded in 2005, it has grown from a small group of women, meeting to learn a trade, we have 45 graduates and 30 beginning and intermediate students this year.

Sewing skills provide women the tools needed to be self sufficient.

At this time we are  forming a partnership with Haiti Peace Quilts to create jobs for the graduates of the sewing school.

Peacequilts  collective members and graduates from our sewing school are producing items are for sale and available here.

In addition to traditional sewing skills, Sionfonds’ sewing school is training our students and graduates in quilt making and creating quilted products like kitchen mitts and shopping bags that are for sale at Macy’s and other retail outlets. Also the are learning to make beautiful handmade quilts that are shown in galleries around the country.

Here are photos of our recent visit to a Peacequilts collective  and their beautiful work, just outside of Port au Prince.

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