Student Sponsorship Program

Give the gift of Education

Your sponsorship supports all our students in Haiti and entitles you to sponsor one of our students. You will receive:

  • History and photo of the child
  • Updates twice a year
  • Correspondence with the student
  • Membership in the sponsorship group on this website
  • Quarterly newsletters

Sponsorship is $150 a year that is,

  • $150 yearly
  • $37.50 quarterly
  • $12.50 monthly

More ways you can help our students;

  • Lunch program $25 a month per student
  • $100 enroll students family in our Goat giving program
  • School supplies $30 a year per student

You can fully fund, a student for $50 a month!

That is a year of education, food, supplies and a goat for the family of the child you sponsor, for only $50 a month!

On our Donate Now page you can set up a payment schedule that  best suits your needs