Belle Anse

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Belle Anse is a remote fishing village on the Southern coast of Haiti. Fishing and farming are the primary occupations. The village was devastated by a hurricane many years ago and has never recovered.

Sionfonds works with public and private schools in Belle Anse sending children to school. We pay the tuitions of  almost 300 children in Belle Anse and the surrounding area.

Sionfonds  works with local schools filling in the gaps between aid and implementation. The public school in Belle Anse is able to receive  food aid from POM  to feed it’s students lunch but it did not have the funds to set up the kitchen and canteen or to pay the cooks. Sionfonds assisted the school in purchasing the equipment, stoves, plates, and hiring the staff.

Sionfonds has had a Sewing school and an office in Belle Anse since 2005.