Haitian Nursing student

Yvette Cherubin

April 2010

Yvette Cherubin is from Jacmel where she grew up with her three siblings.  Her father, a man who she says does not smile much, was a driver whose work was unstable as a result of his car breaking down or having an accident.  As result, their housing was unstable and they moved frequently, sometimes staying with her grandmother.  She says that it hurts her heart to think about the anxiety her parents suffered trying to get them all through school.  In 2005, her family finally built a house, but sadly, it was destroyed in the earthquake, and her family is living on the street.  But like her parents, Yvette is determined and optimistic that she can achieve her goals.  Since she was young she was always interested in health.  Her favorite subjects in school were biology and physiology, and she remembers being encouraged by a teacher who encouraged them to ask many questions.  She knows that as a nurse there will be health problems she cannot handle that will require a doctor, but she feels that she can make a difference by preventing health problems from getting worse.  Yvette is particularly interested in working in remote areas where people do not have access to information or services.  She would like to focus on prevention, education and family planning.