Agricultural Programs

Sionfonds is committed to empowering Haitian families through agricultural projects. Since 2007 we have been growing our Goat Giving Program. Since the earthquake, our resolve to support Haitian agriculture has grown to include buying only Haitian grown products for our lunch programs and bringing other organizations like the rabbit producing project to Cavaillon.

Our Goat Giving Project changes lives!

When we first came to talk with the community in Belle Anse about starting a goat program a woman jumped up and said “Oh yes we want this. When my son was a little boy I could not send him to school, but an organization came to town and gave me a goat. I could breed the goat, sell the milk and the babies and afford to send my son to school. He went to college, my son, and his children go to school all because of that one goat!”

Your donation of $100 gives:

  • One goat
  • Education
  • Vaccinations
  • The opportunity to generate income
  • Breeding program (to impregnate the goat)

In return the family gives back a kid to continue on the project.