What We Do

We Empower Haitian Families

We empower Haitian Families, through education, opportunity and healthcare. All of our programs are conceived and implemented by Haitian families, teachers, doctors, farmers, social workers and community leaders. When appropriate we bring visitors from outside Haiti to share their skills and expertise in order to further the cause of Haitian autonomy.

  • We educate children because they are the future of Haiti. They will create a better tomorrow for themselves and their country.
  • We feed children because they learn better when the are not hungry and sometimes lunch at school is the only meal they can be sure of.
  • We educate women at our sewing school and through our nursing program because they are the mothers of today and tomorrow.
  • We support men and women in agricultural endeavors because having a goat, a rabbit, or a fishing net can change a life and that of the whole family.
  • We bring medical teams to form temporary clinics at our schools because children learn better when they are not suffering from a toothache or intestinal parasites.
  • We do all this because every child and parent deserve the right to be together, to be a family, to have the food, education and opportunity it takes to live together in their ancestral homes.

We do all this, only with your support. Please donate to Sionfonds today and help us to continue these important projects.