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Masson School


Communautaire de Sion School is in Masson just on the other side of the mountains that surround Port-au-Prince. Even though Masson is our closest school to the capital, in many ways it is the most remote. It is only reachable on foot, up a steep rocky path that switchbacks its way up the mountain between homes and gardens. This school, the only one on the mountain, was started by an exceptional local family to educate children and improve life in this remote community.

The families of the students are primarily farmers, tending small agricultural plots scattered across the mountainside. When there is enough produce the women carry it down the mountain to the city to sell in the market.

Sionfonds brings medical and dental teams to the school. The overall health of our students and the entire mountainside population has improved markedly. Malnutrition is still the most prevalent health issue.

In 2007, we began our first nutrition program feeding students a hot lunch to ensure that they eat at least one good meal a day. We strive to maintain this program through ongoing fundraising.

In April 2010 one of our students, a pitifully thin boy with the orange tinted hair, told our medical team workers that he got up each day before the sun rose to walk through the mountains to come to school. He said he loved school because they feed him lunch at school, and there is no food for him at home.

We also give our students vitamins, toothpaste, tooth brushes and de-worming medications as needed.

Of the 14 students taking the primary school exam this year, the Principal estimates that only two or three will be able to continue on to middle school. To send a child to middle school requires a family to find, not only school and uniform fees, but a place to house and feed a child. Sionfonds is committed to helping to find ways for families to make a living in Masson and educate their children.

How you can help:

  • Buy a goat to be given to a family in need.
  • Make a contribution to the school lunch program to keep kids in Masson well-fed.

Contact Details

  • Address: Route Nationale 2, Carrefour, Haiti
  • GPS: 18.473700703593522,-72.36417923339843