Yesterday morning after hiking through some rolling hills we arrived at our Kenscoff school. Already many were waiting for us. One woman in particular stood out. She barley seemed to be able to sit up let alone stand. She was pale and very ill. She was seen immediately by our Physicians. She had an extreme infection on her finger that had begun two weeks ago, and by now had tracked up her arm towards her elbow. The heat of the infection was palpable. Both American and Haitian Dr.’s pooled forces and information.
Discussing all options and the likely hood of her having opportunity and finances to attend a local hospital being little to none, they decided to do a small operation to remove the infection (what the doctors agreed was a “pyogenic granuloma”) and be proactive with both oral and topical antibiotics. She was in so much pain and very weak. After hydrated with IV fluids, her finger and hand were numbed, and her finger lanced.

Dr. Dirk Smith did an amazing job gently cleaning and lancing the infection

She was so very brave as her sweet husband held her while she held still for the procedure. We were all so very touched by the concern and love between this sweet couple.

Husband Attends to Wife

Her husband, so very worried

This is a perfect example of how very basic things like a finger infection can very easily turn into someone losing their arm, ore worse septic and dying. This is why Haiti needs available medical care, this is such a small drop in the bucket of enormous need we see everyday. But for now, for today, we had the beautiful opportunity to help this sweet woman keep her arm, and let her loving husband keep his wife.


When she came back the next day, she was smiling and saying how much better she felt, wanting to know where Amber was from, because we are now all her family.