Tomorrow 15 dedicated Americans and Canadians will arrive to travel the country with Sionfonds for Haiti staff, and provide medical and dental care to the schools and communities Sionfonds serves. Since our last medical trip six month ago all of us have been working to gather the supplies and funds necessary, to create mobile clinics that will serve over 2000 people in the next 5 days.

It is a challenge for each of us to find the time away from work and our families to participate in these trips. On top of paying our own way we also have to find the funds, medications and supplies to run the clinics. When so many people are facing their own economic challenges in the US, Canada and around the world it is not easy to ask everyone we know to support our work, but we do, because; Once you know how much you can do to make the lives of people living in poverty better, it is hard not to do it again.

None of the amazing people on our medical teams mention how much time and money or how of much of ourselves we put into these expeditions because we all know that we get far more than we give on these trips. Everyone who has been on one of our trips becomes committed to our cause, not because the trips are easy, (they are not) but because we are changing and often saving the lives of people who have no one else to help them. But not everyone can come to Haiti.

So our challenge is to convey to you how important these trips and all Sionfonds programs are (Link), how much we need your support and help to be able to continue our work and most importantly that everyone can help.

My Challenge to you is to ask you to read this blog for the next two weeks, learn more about our work and Haiti and allow yourself to know  that you have the power to help us change lives in Haiti.

With Gratitude,

Annie Blackstone