Kenscoff is above Port au Prince past Petionville and yesterday was cold and rainy. This has been a trip full of unexpected events and it being cold and rainy fit right in.  The school was toward the top of a mountain which was shrouded in rain fog when I arrived.

On the way we had had a flat and then the land cruiser could not make it up the hill so I walked up the mountain and thru red clay mud to catch up with the rest of the team that had gotten there a bit before me- because of the flat.

The school was full to the brim with the families and students of the school the rain had gotten everyone inside but our staff and the teachers had the lines moving efficiently and the medical team was setting into seeing people as I arrived.

Each student at the school received medical and dental check ups and we began o a new sponsorship program at this school while we were there.  Everyone did a great job which was what we have come to expect by our last day on the trip.

After the clinic we all went out to dinner together and had a fabulous time. The best part was when many of the team members Haitian and northern American stood and made speeches about what on amazing experience  the last week has been.

Dr Scott Bullock summed it up for me saying that no matter how hard we work on these trips we always get back more than we give on these trips

We were all over flowing with love and gratitude for the chance to know and work with such wonderful people in such an amazing and challenging place

more soon