The hurricane and the rain had subsided this morning as we left Marigot the sun sun was shining. There are many people we will remember in Marigot. One beautiful young woman had 5 teeth pulled and kept asking the dentist about whether it was okay that she had not eaten  and if she didn’t eat tomorrow? As it turned out she had not eaten and had no hopes of having anything to eat.  She  is 26 years old  and had 5 children. Our medical team pooled it resources and bought her the essentials, rice beans and cooking oil at a nearby market. This is not something we do regularly but we were moved by this women’s circumstance to act.

We packed up all our medications and luggage and headed for Auban a small community just outside of  Jacmel. We found a welcoming crowd waiting for us. We set up our dentists and oral surgeons in a small room behind the main medical clinic. Dental cleanings were in the main hall with our 6 American, Haitian, and Canadian doctors and nurses . They are averaging 165 medical treatments a day.

Driving back to Port au Prince there were many reminders of the hurricanes effects as we drove past mud slides and debris left behind.

Tomorrow we will go to Le Cayes and see more of Haiti setting up a clinic and hour south of there on Monday morning.