Foyer De Sion Orphanage


Foyer de Sion is the parent orgaiztion of Sionfonds for Haiti.

Sionfonds began as a response to the many orphans that come to the orphanage because ther parents cannot feed or educate them. Sionfonds programs are aimed at lightening the burden of raising a family  and to empower todays children through education. With education comes hope for a brighter future and possibilities that are out of reach for most rural families.

Foyer de Sion Orphanage and Sionfonds  are now seperate organization but Sionfonds still supports and assists the orphanage in a variety of ways.To learn more about Foyer De Sion Orphanage please visit their website


In April of 2012 we brought  our medical team to the orphanage and did medical and well checks on all the children at the orphange. Everyone had thier teeth cleaned, we did a few fillings and extractons as well as seeing the doctor for a well check and receiving de-worming medications.

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We had a great time and the children did too. The following day we visited and treated all the children at the nearby school that the orphans attend.



We are excited to annouce our newest project!

Sionfonds is actively raising funds to create a school for the children at the orphanage. Currently there about 50 children that are going to a school off site. It will be much more economical for the orphanage and we will be able to ensure the quality of education if we create a Sionfonds school at the orphange.

Current needs are;

$30 per student for supplies

$10 a month per student or $500 total to pay staff  each month.

You can sign up to pay a recurring donation of $10 a month or any amount here.

We need your help to  make this school a reality for the children of Foyer de Sion.



Here is a short film made by Randall Morgan of Morganstar productions, featuring Guesno and Majorie Mardy, Annie Blackstone and the children of Foyer de Sion Orphanage

Special Presentation:
“Great Shall Be The Peace of Thy Children”