Sionfonds Annual Fundraiser
Saturday, August 25, 2018 @ 3:00 pm
15 Agnes St., Oakland, CA 95418

Empowering Haitian Families

Sionfonds for Haiti helps Haitians to help themselves. Sionfonds’ Haitian teachers, social workers, and staff, work in rural communities, to provide education, nutrition, job training, community improvements, and health care. Through education, we lay the foundation for a better tomorrow for Haitian families.

We Educate Children

We educate children because they are the future of Haiti. They will create a better tomorrow for themselves and their country.

We Feed Children

We feed children because they learn better when they are not hungry. Sometimes, school lunch is the only meal they can be sure of.

We Care for the Elderly

Each week we bring the elders of the community together for a meal and a chance to connect with the children and leadership at the school.

We Provide Medical Assistance

We bring medical teams to form temporary clinics at our schools because children learn better when they are not suffering from a toothache or intestinal parasites.

We Support Agriculture Endeavors

In Kenscoff, in the community of Viard, we have a seed bank called Ogapek. It is a coop organization in which farmers pool their resources in order to get lower prices on seed stock and to meet with agronamists to learn new farming technique.