The Medical Team Climbed Up the Mountain…

The Medical Team Climbed Up the Mountain…

Yesterday morning as a group we woke and prepared for a long day. All of our supplies and medicines concentrated down to only what was absolutely necessary  for the clinic up the mountain we loaded up everything in the back of the truck.

Check out the handy bag holders/weights we picked up along the way.

Dirk, Brandon and Devin aka the masters of the universe

After an hour and a half drive we reached the the bottom of the mountain.

Let’s get this started…

The children from the school met us to help carry our bags.


To say this hike is steep, and brutal to a seasoned athlete is putting it mildly. It is 2-3 miles straight up the mountain. The views are incredible, still they do not match the smiles of the children. Once we arrived we were welcomed though the gates of the school, and chatted with children, as they took things out of our arms to put in the office waiting for us.

After a long hike these smiles make it all worth it

School Office

We set up shop in respective buildings, left to right being Optometry, Dental, and Pharmacy. Outside was where our triage/Dr. Offices and Student Sponsor updates were completed.

Well child check ups for all 350 students were done in  the classrooms  by Dr. Dirk Smith  and Alicia Cheney. Alicia and Dirk said the 5 classes in tarp and pole structures were unbareably hot and dark and they wondered how the children were able to learn in them completeing additional classrooms is a current need of this school.

Well Child Check-ups

Our first patient of the day was a precious six year old student with her four front teeth so rotted in her mouth Dr. Bulloch was concerned that they might come out in pieces.She was not excited to have them pulled. That is an understatement. Yet, she was amazingly brave and did an incredible job holding still while she was numbed and had her teeth pulled.

Dr. Office

We were able to see approximately 550 patients, including well checks for our 350 students at Masson and community members.

Our waiting room

Masson is an amazing school with many dedicated teachers. It is so very rural and difficult to get to, it is evident they have to few resources to provide  nutrition and healthcare for their children. They need our help. We need to reinstate the  feeding program at this school. Lack of funding has caused us not to provide food for these children yet this year.

A typical home for our students

The day was spent quickly doing everything that we could do before it got dark, as we set out down the mountain rain began to drizzle, we were happy to see our waiting vehicles and friendswaiting to take us back into the city. Fresh grapefruit  from up the mountain was waiting for us at the bottom. As we rested and breathed in the end to beautiful challenging day, views from both directions spoke what we didn’t need to.

The sun sets on the last day of the Medical part of our trip

This day ended the Medical part of our trip. The friends that we made and priceless moments we spent in service are a bond we all carry with us . Sionfonds is a gift of Passion given to those involved. We all return home better, more thankful people. To join our next trip, or for more information click here.

Our lovely motley crew at the bottom of the mountain

We finished off our day with a tired but successful group picture.

What an incredible day. The Immediate Needs we see at our Masson school are:

  • Our goal is to build an additional two classrooms to our school at Masson, to get the kids out of the dark tarp classrooms they currently are now in.
  • One deep concern we as a staff and educators share is the nutrition needs at Masson. Because the school is on the top of the mountain, many children burn what precious calories they do have in hiking to and from school.
  • Our funding to have the feeding program at Masson is depleted, we can see the immediate results, many children were once again malnourished with extended bellies and brassy brown hair. This is something anyone can do, on a large or small scale.

To feed a child is around $15 per month, there are 350 students. Contributing to this fund is enormous for the children of Masson. Please see what you have in your heart to help these children accomplish their dreams….