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Why we do what we do….

Why we do what we do….

Yesterday morning after hiking through some rolling hills we arrived at our Kenscoff school. Already many were waiting for us. One woman in particular stood out. She barley seemed to be able to sit up let alone stand. She was pale and very ill. She was seen immediately by our Physicians. She had an extreme infection on her finger that had begun two weeks ago, and by now had tracked up her arm towards her elbow. The heat of the infection was palpable. Both American and Haitian Dr.’s pooled forces and information.
Discussing all options and the likely hood of her having opportunity and finances to attend a local hospital being little to none, they decided to do a small operation to remove the infection (what the doctors agreed was a “pyogenic granuloma”) and be proactive with both oral and topical antibiotics. She was in so much pain and very weak. After hydrated with IV fluids, her finger and hand were numbed, and her finger lanced.

Dr. Dirk Smith did an amazing job gently cleaning and lancing the infection

She was so very brave as her sweet husband held her while she held still for the procedure. We were all so very touched by the concern and love between this sweet couple.

Husband Attends to Wife

Her husband, so very worried

This is a perfect example of how very basic things like a finger infection can very easily turn into someone losing their arm, ore worse septic and dying. This is why Haiti needs available medical care, this is such a small drop in the bucket of enormous need we see everyday. But for now, for today, we had the beautiful opportunity to help this sweet woman keep her arm, and let her loving husband keep his wife.


When she came back the next day, she was smiling and saying how much better she felt, wanting to know where Amber was from, because we are now all her family.

Cavaillon School Trip

Cavaillon School Trip

So far our Medical trip has been off to an amazing start. Though we had a couple of unforeseen bumps in the road preventing us from being able to jump in our first full day in country, things have been surprisingly smooth and we have been so blessed to serve so many of our students, their families and the community. It is not with out the help and hearts of our amazing donors and volunteers could this work continue.

Day one, we entered Port-au-Prince, pleased to see new developments of transportation and organization in the airport. Once through we loaded up our luggage and our group and away we traveled the long dark and windy roads to Le Cayes. Four hours later we reached our destination for a late dinner and time to unwind and plan for the next day.

Day two we spent most of the day in our mock Pharmacy organizing medication, and counting out vitamins for adults and children.

The next morning we packed up our supplies and drove to our school in Cavaillon, beginning over a paved road that quickly turning into a bedrock covered windy path that was a very muddy and difficult to drive on road.

Cavaillon School

As we drove the images of women washing clothes in the stream, children walking to school and the many half clothed children watching as we and they passed by, reminded us why we were here.
Once arriving, our patients had already been waiting. Ready, patient and hopeful for relief, help, painful teeth to be pulled and so much more.

Our Cavaillon school is built on a hillside extending from a previous home, built out of wood and corrugated metal. The pre-school students use the one room bedroom in the house, as the rest of the students sit in open tarp-lined classrooms with a foundation of cement. The hillside between classrooms is steep and very challenging to walk on in the mud.



Fluoride Treatments

Still they come. The children, many walking for hours to reach their destination.. This day we worked tirelessly. First with the lines of triage, dividing who needed to go in which direction whether it be, fluoride treatments, oral surgery, the pharmacy, the medical clinic, the optometry, while another team worked on updates of children for sponsorship after their well child checks.

Our 3 Haitian Doctors and 3 visiting American Doctors managed to see around 450 patients. Dental clinic servicing 74 men women and children, including pulling many teeth.

The Optometrist Clinic helped 70 people this day, it was beyond touching watching a little girl witness the the world clearly for the first time, the way her sweet mouth formed a perfect “O” as she looked around blinking and seeing, actually seeing.

As we worked with our students on updates, taking pictures, working on sponsorship booklets, the light in their eyes was not easily missed as they proudly showed what they have been learning. What their dreams are, and who they hope to be.

Thank you. We are so grateful to all that give and contribute to our foundation. Your donations big or small are reaching far and making such a difference.

Cavaillon School Students

Cavaillon School Students

If you are interested in helping our Cavaillion School here are some of our most immediate needs:

67 children are sharing one classroom. We need to divide the class in half and hire another teacher. To do this we need $250 to build another classroom/awning. Also to add another teacher which will be about $100 per month. School supplies are desperately needed. Every child could use a school supply stipend yearly of only $13 a year, what a difference $13 can make. Out of our of the 360 students at Cavaillion, only 14 are sponsored.

Our goal before Christmas is 15 more students. Please consider this as an incredible gift for that loved one that has everything; or a combined gift for your favorite teacher.

As always thank you for being part of this massive dream. Change is happening, and it is beautifull