We Remember and We Continue

We Remember and We Continue

We remember

We remember those who passed on

and those who remain,

never to be the same

Those who remain continuing to live, to

love, to struggle and to share,

Continuing to work for a better tomorrow

We remember the tremendous outpouring of support from around the world.

Sionfonds will be forever grateful that we were able to aid Haitians in need within days of the earthquake. We sent much needed supplies and resources into the country before the extent of the damage was known, before we knew our office had fallen killing and trapping staff members, before we knew how the 200 children at Foyer De Sion Orphanage were, before we knew hundreds of thousands of people had died. Sionfonds was only able to send help (and continue to do so today) because of the dedicated Haitians who are Sionfonds in Haiti and the generous and committed people, like you, who are Sionfonds outside of Haiti. Together we continue to assist Haitian children and their families, we create jobs, promote education, empowerment and self-sufficiency person to person every day.

We continue our work in remembrance of those who passed on

And in celebration and hope for all those who

Live On

We cannot thank you enough for hearing Haiti’s call for help  two years ago and today.
With deep gratitude and respect,
Annie Blackstone
Sionfonds for Haiti
Director and Founder since 2005